How long does the force feeding last for?

Force feeding is a process, which lasts 20 seconds for a day over a period of 14 days. The French regulation has become stronger with the emergence of new quality standards (i.e.: IGP, Label Rouge...). Several controls are now performed by the French government to ensure that no deviation happens. 


Do farmers breed ducks only for the liver consumption?

All parts of the ducks or goose are eaten. Foie gras is not the only reason to breed the ducks or geese. 


Does the duck liver become sick after the force feeding?

If the force feeding process stops, the liver returns to its normal size. Besides, at no time the liver is diabetic according to scientists. 


How long can I keep the foie gras / terrines once the jar or tin is opened?

Once opened the delicacy can be stored in the fridge for a maximum of one week.


What if I receive a broken jar?

We are committed to our customer and want to guarantee the best possible experience. We will replace the broken jar with no additional postage cost. We just need a picture of the damaged product as an evidence of the incidence.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Delivery to any destination in Australia will be by registered Australia Post services. Please allow 3 - 10 business days for delivery of your goods from the date on which the order is dispatched. 


Do I need to store the jar / tin in the fridge?

No, you can keep the product at ambient temperature, however we recommend you put the jar or tin in the fridge at least 1 day prior to consumption. Once open it is compulsory to leave the product in the fridge.