Cassoulet of duck confit 820g


One of the most quintessential of French countryside dishes, the Cassoulet is a demonstration of patience and love of good, slow cooked food. It begins with a beautiful duck leg confit that is simmered ever so slowly in a broth of white beans, pork, sausage duck fat and a myriad of flavorful herbs like cloves and bay leaves. The result is a hearty and traditional dish, rich, smooth and creamy. This particular cassoulet from Elevages de Perigord uses the best French ducks and two full legs and two whole sausages. Ready to heat up and eat.

It is a pleasure for 2 people.



White beans 55%, goose thighs 20% - Sausage 17% (meat and fat of pork, salt, pepper). Sauce: onions, beef broth (salt, corn starch, flavoring agent: 621, sugar, olive oil, soya, yeast extract, meat flavor, onions, turmeric). Garlic, tomato concentrate, corn starch, pepper, sugar, caramel, parsley, spices. Garlic sausage: eggs, Cognac, white wine, aromatic plants.




Per 100g

ENERGY: 833kj
PROTEIN: 12.61g
FAT (total): 10.3g
SUGARS: 0.5g


This product has a long shelf life (1 to 4 years). It can be stored at ambient temperature. Simply re-heat the cassoulet in the oven for 15 minutes.

It is important to refrigerate the product once opened.


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