Paté le Delice with 25% Foie Gras


The "Délice" Pâté earns its name because it is a favourite amount Pâté lovers, seeking authentic flavours.

The Porc that we use is lightly infused with Cognac aromas and surrounds a generous Bloc of Duck Foie Gras which gives this Pâté a fondant and smooth texture. 

We take great care in choosing our ingredients and all of our products, including this terrine are created using the traditional Périgord recipes, which are free from added extras and colorants, so to accentuate the natural flavours the ingredients.

We take great care in choosing our Duck Foies Gras from the farms of the South west of France. These ducks are fed and raised following strict and precise criteria such as their virant yellow tint, their size and their suppleness. 

It is a pleasure to share between 3 and 4 people. 


Pork and Duck Foie Gras (originated from France) 25%, eggs, Cognac, Porc gelatine, truffle 1% water, salt, sugar, pepper.



    Per 100g
    ENERGY: 1363kj
    PROTEIN: 12g

    FAT (total): 31g
    - saturated: 13g
    - sugars: 0.6g
    SODIUM: 1.5g


    This product has a long shelf life (1 to 4 years). It can be stored at ambient temperature.

    It is important to place the product in the fridge at least 1 day prior consumption to have the best experience. 


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